Waffle Food Plant Roof Recover


Rossville, Tennessee


80 mil TritoFlex 2K membrane
30 mil TritoTherm ceramic top coat


100,913 square feet


America’s large food manufacturers and processors feed billions of people throughout the world. With massive manufacturing plants spread across the country, protecting these facilities with high-performing roof systems is of vital importance. 

The TritoFlex 2K Rubber roof recover system helped this multinational food-manufacturing corporation avert a disruptive, costly, and wasteful tear-off on one of their production facilities.

Triton’s liquid membrane used the existing roof to its advantage by upgrading the roof with increased thickness, durability, flexibility, and resistance to acids, chemicals, and Mother Nature herself. TritoFlex is the ideal solution for industrial facilities with countless penetrations, protrusions, high foot traffic, and frequent changes to roof-top equipment. It is self-terminating and does not require reinforcement due to extremely high elongation combined with high tensile strength.

With a Class A fire rating, hail-resistant warranty, and anti-slip finish, TritoFlex 2K Rubber was applied to form a seamless membrane on large sections of the plant. Multiple types of roofs were tied together into one monolithic roof system.

Beyond providing a watertight roof, the TritoTherm reflective top coat with ceramic nanotechnology has drastically reduced heat transfer into the plant during warm months and has proven to remain cooler after becoming dirty. This results in long-term protection of the underlying roof components. On average, the Triton roof system has reduced heat transfer to the roof deck by 25 degrees F at this plant.

As a versatile material, TritoFlex rubber was also used to solve previously unsolvable moisture intrusion problems on the exterior tilt-up concrete walls of the plant. This moisture intrusion had been affecting the sensitive food production area. After applying the impermeable TritoFlex Rubber membrane to the exterior walls, the moisture intrusion was finally stopped.