Quaker Oats (PepsiCo) Plant Roof Restorations


Cedar Rapids, Iowa


60 mil TritoFlex 2K membrane
20 mil TritoTherm topcoat




Triton is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a state some consider to be the heart of America. One of Cedar Rapids’ iconic landmarks is the Quaker Oats (PepsiCo) cereal mill built in the 1940’s. It still holds top spot as the largest cereal mill in the world. Right in the middle of downtown, its various smells are famous to Iowans. 

The industrial-grade, non-toxic TritoFlex 2K Rubber restoration system has been chosen over the years by PepsiCo to restore worn-out, leaking roofs of various types. From Built-Up (BUR) Asphalt roofs to metal roofs, PepsiCo was able to upgrade the existing roof substrates by adding a thick, durable, and seamless rubber membrane. The TritoFlex system stronger and safer than conventional options and avoids costly, disruptive tear-offs. The bright white TritoTherm ceramic coating was then applied as a sacrificial topcoat and radiant barrier over the rubber waterproofing.

All of the work was completed with absolutely no disruption to the daily operations of the plant. There were no harmful odors, solvents, or VOC’s from the liquid materials. These cold-applied coatings avoid traditional use of torches (open flames), hot asphalt, smelly adhesives, or using thousands of screws to hold down a new rolled membrane. To a food production plant, this was pivotal. In addition, the finished surfaces are slip-resistant and safe.

In addition to extensive roof work, one of the head houses was completely sealed and encapsulated with TritoFlex 2K Rubber and then painted with our TritoCryl 1K white acrylic coating. Triton materials solve issues for the entire building envelope.

We are proud to have our materials used at a company that represent our city’s rich history and makes up part of its economic backbone. Triton focuses on manufacturing technologies that are stronger, safer, and innovative, and the Quaker Oats cereal mill is now protected each day from these technologies.