Southern Atlantic Spring Factory Metal Roof Restoration


Granite Quarry, North Carolina


Triton Metal Prime
80 mil TritoFlex 2K/1K on seams, fasteners, transitions
20 mil TritoTherm ceramic top coat


97,000 square feet


Fighting hundreds of leaks, an industrial spring manufacturer in North Carolina sought a smart roof restoration solution that would stop their leaks and fit their budget. Triton was the perfect match.

In addition to hundreds of leaks across multiple types of metal roof systems, heavy rust and corrosion was occurring in this humid Carolina climate. Due to the cost and disruption, a complete replacement of metal wasn’t an option. A single-ply overlay would also be expensive and potentially lead to structural concerns with a change in water weight distribution. Liquid-applied restoration made the most sense. But out of all the roof coatings on the market, which one would work best?


The client quickly realized that the TritoFlex Rubber products were the best liquid products for metal roofs in the industry. With a combination of high elongation, high recovery, and high tensile strength, it made the most sense to seal the roof with these products. While a brand new waterproofing membrane on the entire roof would come with a warranty that covered large hail, ponding water, and foot traffic, it didn’t quite fit in the budget. And the leaks needed to be stopped to prevent further disruption to company operations.


The roof was first pressure washed and primed with Triton’s Metal Prime, a rust-inhibiting coating. Loose and missing fasteners were replaced and then TritoFlex 2K was spray-applied to 80 mils dry on all seams, butt joints, penetrations, transitions, and flashings. TritoFlex 1K was quickly applied at 80 mils dry on all fasteners.

The contractor then applied two coats of TritoTherm acrylic ceramic coating over the entire roof surface to provide UV protection, extend the life of the existing metal, and drastically reduce heat transfer with its unique nanotechnology. The client was provided a 10-year material and labor leak-free warranty and the peace of mind they made the right choice choosing a Triton restoration system.