Xcel Energy Roof Restoration


Red Wing, MN


80 mil TritoFlex 2K rubber membrane
20 mil TritoCryl 2K topcoat


250,000 square feet


This nuclear plant is the largest carbon-free energy producer in the state of Minnesota. Built in the early 1970’s, roofs throughout the plant were heavily aged and causing disruptive leaks in sensitive facilities. After receiving bids to re-roof, Xcel found Triton’s alternative, industrial-grade, and non-toxic liquid roof systems would avoid disruption and high costs.

TritoFlex 2K is an industrial-grade, non-toxic rubber membrane that was spray-applied directly over 250,000 sf of roofs at this nuclear power station. Multiple types of roofs were restored, including Gravel Built-Up, EPDM, and Metal. The Certified Contractor first prepared the roofs to clear them of dirt and debris and then applied TritoFlex 2K to create a seamless, impermeable waterproofing membrane over the existing substrates. With high elongation, high tensile strength, resistance to chemicals, and resistance to Minnesota’s harsh winters, Triton products were specially engineered to last in these types of industrial environments.


Roofs protecting the nuclear turbine plant, offices, warehouses, and a critical training facility were completely recovered with the TritoFlex 2K membrane and then finished with the renewable, reflective TritoCryl 2K topcoat. Plant operators had been frustrated with costly, disruptive leaks for years. For the first time, they are happily leak-free after investing in protection with Triton’s industrial-grade roofing products.